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TECAFORM™ and TECAPRO™ SAN provide an additional safety factor in reducing incidence of bacterial contamination.

TECAFORM™ (Polyacetal) and TECAPRO™ SAN (Polypropylene), provide an additional safety factor in reducing incidence of bacterial contamination. The raw materials are charged with an antimicrobial additive. These silver ions are released gradually to reduce the formation of bacteria.

Tecaform and Tecapro SAN
  • Less bacterial contamination
  • Reduced odor and biofilm formation
  • Diminished formation of bacteria in equipment
  • Active components are harmless to humans
  • Scrubbing surface renews antimicrobial effect
  • FDA conformity of raw material, color pigments and antimicrobial additive

TECAFORM™ SAN and TECAPRO™ SAN are ideal where continual sanitary and anti bacterial conditions are a requirement. Excellent for components in food processing equipment, bottling and canning machines, water handling and filtration equipment. Door handles and buttons in public places would benefit from reduction in transfer of bacteria. TECAPRO™ SAN is especially effective in surgical instruments, trays, work surfaces and cutting boards in medical as well as food storage and preparation areas.

Typical Property Values

Maximum Service Temperature
Test Method
Density D792 - 0.92 1.41
Moisture Absorption, @equilibrium, 72°F/50% RH) ISO 62 % 0.05 <0.3
Tensile Strength @ Yield D638, DIN EN ISO 527 psi 4785 7975
Elongation @ Break D638, ISO 527 % >45 30
Tensile Modulus D638, ISO 527 psi 300000 30400
Flexural Modulus D790, ISO 178 psi 200000 360000
Hardness (ball indentation) ISO 2039/1 & 2 psi 14500 21025
Impact Resistance ISO 180 ft-lb/in2 0.328 No break
Melting Point DIN 53 736 °F 325 329
Heat Deflection Temperature ISO - 75/A °F 187 230
Maximum Service Temperature
Short Term °F 284 284
Long Term °F 212 212
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion D696, DIN 53 752, ASTM E831 in/in/°F 5.5x10-5
Flammability UL - 94 - HB HB
Volume Resistivity D257, EC 93, DIN IEC 60093 ohm-cm - 1014
Dielectric Strength D149, IEC-243, VDE 0303 part 2 V/mil -

This information is only to assist and advise you on current technical knowledge and is given without obligation or liability. All trade and patent rights should be observed. All rights reserved. Data obtained from extruded shapes material. TECAFORM™ SAN and TECAPRO™ SAN – Ensinger Industries, Inc.

Extreme chemical exposure (alkaline and acid solutions) can impact the antimicrobial effect on polymeric surfaces. Bacterial decay can be protracted by the application of antimicrobial products and thus it provides additional safety for the customer. However, usual and necessary cleaning practices should not be discontinued.

ENSINGER TECAFORM™ SAN and TECAPRO™ SAN are effective against a broad range of micro- organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses, etc. As they differ greatly in their living conditions and their impact, the antimicrobial performance needs to be analyzed for the specific application to be able to give a pointed statement about antimicrobial effects under given circumstances.


Stock shapes: ASTM D 6100 S-POM0001
Resin spec: ASTM D 6778 POM0000


Resin spec: ASTM D 4101 PP0110