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Prime LDPE 049

Prime LDPE 049 is a Low Density Polyethylene specifically designed for high performance molding applications. This fractional melt index material is suitable for applications requiring high melt strength, good impact resistance, flexibility and outstanding ESCR characteristics.


Ideal for packaging applications such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dried fruits and meats
  • Dunnage applications in the computer industry
  • Drum liners


Prime LDPE 049 processes at lower temperatures than HDPE or HMWPE. The forming temperature is 295-320ºF and the tool temperature is 100-130°F. The mold shrink is .015 - .020 in/in in the machine direction and .009 - .011 in/in in the transverse direction.


Prime LDPE 049 can be die cut, punched, sheared and cut with a hot knife. Bonding is typically achieved by sonic welding.

Colors, Textures and Capabilities

Prime LDPE 049 can be color matched to meet your specific requirements. Primex extrudes Prime LDPE 049 in sheet or roll stock and in gauges of .030 - .200 and up to 64” in width.

Prime LDPE 049 Very High High Average
Impact Strength     *
Low Temperature Impact Strength     *
Tensile Strength     *
Flexural Modulus     *
Heat Deflection Temperature     *
Property Test Method Value Unit
Specific Gravity D-1505 .919  
Melt Flow D-1238 .25 g/10min
Tensile @ Yield
D-638 1400 psi
Elongation D-882 100 %
Hardness, Shore D
D-2240 42  
Low Temperature Brittleness
D-746 75 F 50/°C
Specific Heat
  0.5 cal/gm/°C
Haze D-1003 35 %