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Prime Micro-X

Prime Micro-X is a tougher improved Styrene Maleic-anhydride copolymer resin for microwave packaging requiring "freezer to microwave" and ESCR performance. The re-heated stiffness is better than PP and it can be exposed from - 40 - 250°F. Prime Micro-X is compatible with existing lid sealing films and is FDA approved.


Food packaging for freezer to microwave. Prime Micro-X was compared to PP and filled PP for food packaging from 150 - >250ºF filled with pancakes, muffins, pizza, sausage, chicken patties and bacon. The three materials passed the test with the exception of bacon and PP and filled PP ruptured, where the Micro-X had only a dimensional change.


Prime Micro-X thermoforms similarly to Polystyrene. The same forming tools can be used for both materials.


Prime Micro-X can be trimmed with steel rule or hard trim dies.

Colors, Textures and Capabilities

Colors are typically white, black and pastels but custom color matching is available by request. Textures include smooth and matte. Prime Micro-X comes in a wide variety of size and gauges.

Prime Micro-X Very High High Average
Impact Strength     *
Low Temperature Impact Strength   *  
Tensile Strength   *
Flexural Modulus *    
Heat Deflection Temperature *
Property Test Method Value Unit
Specific Gravity D-792 1.06  
Melt Flow
D-1238 .6 g/10min
Notched Izod
D-256 5 ft-lb/in
Tensile @ Yield
D-638 4,000 psi
Elongation @ Break
D-638 20 %
Flexural Modulus
D-790 310,000 psi
Vicat Softening Point
D-1525 253 °F
HDT @ 66 psi, Annealed
D-648 225 °F
Mold Shrink
D-955 .004-.007 in/in