Sanalite Cutting Board - The Fisherman's Choice at Pikes Place Fish Market

Pikes Place Market in Seattle, Washington is the longest continuously running Market in the United States. Known for its fresh seafood, Pikes Place fish mongers demand the very best in cutting board technology.

That's why the pros at Pikes Place Fish Market use Sanalite HDPE! Over the years, cutting surfaces have come and gone, warping, chipping, peeling, corroding, dulling and ending up useless within weeks, affecting productivity and profitability along the way – until now!

Poly-Hi has been the leader in cutting board technology since the evolution of plastics in the food preparation industry. Sanalite is a new, exciting cutting surface made of high density polyethylene that meets FDA and USDA criteria and is listed by the NSF. This lightweight, thermoplastic cutting board has eliminated cracking, peeling, warping and acid corrosion of the cutting surface. And that's really exciting!

The best way to stay sharp: Sanalite has a unique self-healing quality that helps it retain its shape, whereas fibrous wood doesn't. It also keeps you sharp and productive. Here's how; the surface molecules give way to the knife blade, bouncing back, not fighting that cutting action like wood grain does. This lengthens the time between sharpening.

Sanalite Thermoplastic also cuts odors: Because of its molecular makeup, Sanalite won't absorb moisture. So it can't trap odors or harmful bacteria into the work surface. When it comes to cleanup, cleaning agents simply rinse away.

So look sharp and stay sharp! Don’t go through cutting surfaces when you don't have to. Simply call you local Laird Plastics representative and specify Sanalite; it’s the sharpest move you can make!